“Who told you not to keep your virginity?” I asked a friend who was advising another friend one day during my undergraduate days.

She faced me and seemed to swallow in readiness for a good defense of her ‘theory’

‘My mum told me it is foolish to be a virgin when one gets married. She got a friend to deflower me at my 18th birthday party’ She said and stopped.

It was my turn to swallow as I scratched my head.

“For real?” I asked not knowing exactly how to put it so she wouldn’t feel I was insulting her mum.

“That is very wrong. See my dear, one has to…”I was saying when she cut in.

“I know you would lecture me. But see, my mum kept her virginity till thirty when she got married to my dad. That didn’t stop him from beating her to stupor or sending her packing whenever he deemed it fit. That is why she swore, that all her girls must not keep any vain virginity. It is mere deception!” She said and I shook my head as she argued on.

She had been deceived!

The Bible says ‘Whether you drink or whether you eat, do all to the Glory of God’

The mistake we then make is eating to please a man or drinking to please a woman!

Who says keeping of your virginity is solely to make your husband love you? That’s not true!

It was only a command!- God’s Command which you and I are supposed to keep if we fear Him.

P.S: Even if the virginity is gone, remain a virgin!!!

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