The Apostolic Church Nigeria (LAWNA), Theological Seminary

The Apostolic Church Nigeria (LAWNA) Theological Seminary, Ilesa was formally established as a Bible School in the year 1933 by The Apostolic Church Authority, Great Britain. The establishment of the Bible School became necessary upon the expansion of the Church’s missionary work which required well-trained middle-level Evangelists and Pastors. The capacity of the school was later expanded hence it became a Bible College. By further expansion, the institution came to be known as The Apostolic Church (LAWNA) Theological Seminary, Ilesa with effect from October 2001 under the authority of the Executive Council of The Apostolic Church, Lagos and Western / Northern Areas (LAWNA), Nigeria.

Purpose and Philosophy of the Seminary

The main purpose of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (LAWNA) Theological Seminary, Ilesa is to produce committed Christian men and women who are sound in character and skillful in the proclamation of the word of God. As such, the Seminary trains people for Christian Service. The Seminary undertakes academic inquiry for the purpose of discovering, establishing and presenting truth.

The students are being equipped for the tasks of acquiring knowledge, making fresh initiatives, appreciating creativity and innovation as well as sound understanding of the word of God. The graduates are intended to be persons of goodwill, understanding and tolerance who lead lives of high behavioral integrity and effective service to God under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Affiliation with Universities

The Apostolic Church Nigeria (LAWNA) Theological Seminary, Ilesa is affiliated with the University of Ibadan for the award of Diploma in Religious Studies.

Also, Institutional Affiliation with Samuel Adegboyega University presently in Progress

Available Programmes of Study

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